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This podcast is to help anyone who is looking to get into voice acting or is already established. It started from humble beginnings and we have some big time people on the show! I talk with voice actors, casting directors, tech guys, singers, producers, writers and so on. I also have a new Instagram page now @voiceactingwithvb. There is also a FB group, check the FB icon. A big shout out to for showcasing the podcast! A shoutout to for showcasing the podcast! A shoutout to The Voice Straw and if you are interested in buying one check out this link. Thanks for listening and your support!

Jul 8, 2020

I had a blast chatting with Heather Gonzalez! We chatted about her theater training and she can belt it out as a singer. She was born in New York and then moved to San Francisco. Have fun listening to her stories and learn a few tips and tricks!

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