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This podcast is to help anyone who is looking to get into voice acting or is already established. It started from humble beginnings and we have some big time people on the show! I talk with voice actors, casting directors, tech guys, singers, producers, writers and so on. If you are interested in merch for the show, here is the link: Podcast Shop. I also have a new Instagram page now @voiceactingwithvb. Thanks for listening and your support! 

Jul 7, 2021

I beyond thrilled about my latest episode with Sophia Cruz. She is her authentic self and has quite a story to tell. Our conversation was so amazing and I learned so many great things. Here is her website, if you want to get ahold of her. 

We are doing a swag giveaway with Tee Public. We are giving away a t-shirt. So head to the podcast instagram @voiceactingwithvb for further instructions. Also if you have questions/details about the giveaway email at As always thanks so much for listening!