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This SOVAS nominated voice over podcast is here to help anyone who is looking to get into voice acting or is already established. It started from humble beginnings and we have some big time people on the show! We talk with voice actors, casting directors, tech guys, singers, producers, writers and so on. We also have a new Instagram page now @voiceactingwithvb. There is also a FB group, check the FB icon below. A big shout out to for showcasing the podcast! A shoutout to for showcasing the podcast! A shoutout to The Voice Straw and if you are interested in buying one check out this link. Thanks for listening and your support!

Apr 29, 2020

Growing up I thought I had a small voice box, but when I moved to LA, I soon realized there are a handful of women who sound like they are 5 years old. This is true for my next guest Val Kelly. She is a constantly working and has her own podcast called "Live with Squacky" and has her own company called Mid Atlantic...

Apr 22, 2020

I'm always excited for any guest I have on my show, but this next guest was true honor for me. I grew up listening to Katie Leigh as a child on the radio and when the chance came to interview her, I was very stoked! We have some quite candid conversations about life and acting and hopefully you find it really...

Apr 15, 2020

Never thought I would be sitting down and interviewing David H. Lawrence XVII, but that's exactly what happened. It was a really cool opportunity and so glad I had the chance. We talk about his late acting career, vo and a little bit of his life. Join me on this journey and let it take you to new heights! 

Here is his...

Apr 8, 2020

It's always a joy to talk to old friends and this is true for my friend from the Pantages Romel De Silva! We discuss the actors life and a bit of voice acting all while sitting drinking a cup of Joe! Take a listen while doing your dishes, just chilling or evening while doing your exercises! 

Apr 1, 2020

I am super excited to share this latest episode with you! I had the chance to sit down with Dave Fennoy, talk shop and life. It was a wonderful opportunity and it was an honor to have him on the show! I hope you enjoy listening around the house!

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